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Archimedes of Syracuse (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC) was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Archimedes was asked to determine whether some silver had been substituted by the dishonest goldsmith in the King Hiero II’a crown. While taking a bath, he noticed that the level of the water in the tub rose as he got in, and realized that this effect could be used to determine the volume of the crown. Archimedes then took to the streets naked, so excited by his discovery that he had forgotten to dress, crying "Eureka!" (pronounces as Evrika) meaning "I have found it!”.


Evrika Systems ApS specialise in all categories new and pre-owned high performance IT equipment. Our product range extends from mainframe, mid-range and storage systems to SAN/NAS and Networking equipment. We offer quick access to the best brands in the industry with savings between 50 and 90% of the price for new equipment. In addition pre-owned equipment is a responsible and environment friendly alternative, which enables companies to extend the lifetime and the value of their IT infrastructure. Operating globally since 2000 and with over 200 customers around the globe, Evrika Systems is considered as the best source in the industry.



Specialist areas

- System management; Data management;

- Storage management;

- Mainframe platforms supported: z/OS, OS/390, zVM, VM/VSE, Linux;

- Non-mainframe platforms supported:Unix, AIX, iSeries (AS/400);

- SAN;

- Intel based servers;

- Storage systems;

- Networking;

We can arrange fast and safe delivery of high performance technology within days.